For some people, my ideas about furniture design may be a little bit old-fashioned. I do believe that chairs and tables and other pieces should be visually appealing, decorative if used in the right environment. But I'm impatient when “decorative" undermines function. A chair is for sitting comfortably on or in; a dining table shouldn't bruise your knees or fill them with splinters from badly placed legs; and a coffee table should be tall enough that you don't need a chiropractor after bending to retrieve your Chardonnay. If it flunks the “usable" test, it may sometimes qualify as art, I suppose, but I'd be loathe to call it good furniture.


7' diameter x 29" H

Eight inch square sections comprize both the legs and stretchers in an up-and-down dynamic. The owner picked its soft rose color and very generously donated the table to Baltimore's enchanting American Visionary Art Museum. He wrote me "...we love all of your designs, which greatly enchance our lives and delight our visitors."

More photos of the Wave large table (click to view a larger image):