Each piece we create is one-of-a-kind. The weather-silvered, ax-marked materials we use always vary, so we offer a wide range of designs but many are custom designed to fit a specific place or use.

Though aesthetics are crucial, we never lose sight of function and comfort.

Whatever pieces you’re considering, let us know your requirements. We can tailor pieces to sizes requested. And we’re happy to make suggestions on sizes or variations that will work, or to develop a proposal for special designs you want.

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Phone: 412-488-4468

Robert Brandegee
2250 Mary Street
Apartment 301
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Splits, chips, ax marks, checks, and other imperfections are characteristic of the antique wood I use in my furniture. So expect your piece, if you choose to buy one, to show its history and to subtly change with the seasons.