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What's It Called?

Posted on December 20, 2012

As a sometime writer, I take some relish in naming my pieces.  Some have names before the preliminary drawing is even started.  Some I anguish over and flub.  Some are names I’m so enamored of that I make more of the item than anybody ever wants, like my Hunkerchunks, the 14″ tall log pieces made from antique log cabin walls, with various shaped cutouts.  I hoped they would work for people as low stools or stands, or in groups of them as a changeable piece of art.  Nobody has bought any; I guess I was wrong.

One name I really like is the one for the piece pictured.  I noodled for days over it, thinking Wright Stuff, Hangover, and more.  The name came when a friend dropped in, saw the table, and spontaneously said, “I see you made a hippo!”  Hippo it had to be.

The Hippo’s eyes secure the 3/4" glass top to the pair of staggered log sections.  The heavy glass balances the offset of the base.

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