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Posted on November 19, 2012

The furniture I design is hard to label: old/new, rough/smooth, country/city; but we definitely fit the green category, no matter what color it is.  We recycle hand-hewn antique beams, barn siding, and cabin logs as the core, then integrate them with glass, steel, canvas, and other manufactured materials.  The aesthetic for all these suits today’s eclectic settings.  Lately, I’ve expanded to include some old industrial castoffs as starters.

Many more of my pieces are pictured on my website; often they’ve been designed to customer specs for size, color, and for function. This nine-foot bench was born after a client asked for something unusual for a blank hall wall.

Call us if you think we could provide something you want, or need something truly different.  I get my kicks from modifying existing designs or creating altogether fresh ones.

This seat is a diagonally cut log from an antique log cabin, with legs cut from joists.  The back surprises everyone who sits on the bench because, though plenty strong, the back saplings are thin enough to give a little and the sitter’s backbone settles naturally into one of the spaces between.

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