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Finding Materials
Posted on March 3, 2013

People regularly ask me, “Where do you get your raw materials,” the logs, beams, and barn siding used in my furniture designs.

Simple answer is, all kinds of sources.

A recent example: a dear friend, an antique picker extraordinaire, bid at auction on something that would look like nothing to most people, wood pieces weathered and fissured beyond further use in their original function as fence posts.  They were locust, which is nearly rot proof; they’d been used in ground for 75 years then stored in a barn for another 75. 

My friend knew I’d flip for them, so he sat through the afternoon waiting.  Most of the buyers had packed and left when the final item was put up.  One bid and the fenceposts were his and soon mine. 

They’re available again now, altered I think positively, in furniture designs they inspired.  This mirror is one example.

Dimensions are:  85" x 26".  I have a few more which could be sized to fit a special spot in your decor.

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