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In Memory of Bob Willison
Posted on April 18, 2013

Our good friend, Bob Willison, now sadly no longer with us, was a character of the first and most delightful order.  He and his wife, Mary, lived in the next “holler” from our log cabin located in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania. 

They helped us hugely by doing some mowing and brush cutting; and Bob did some logging on our acreage for feeding our fireplace as the autumn cool-downs began.  More than once after snowstorms he plowed a track for us down the slope to the macadam road.

Bob also was a dead shot.  We once saw him drop one of the pesky garden-wrecking groundhog that we suffered with a bullet between the eyes from his 22-caliber magnum pistol form about 60 yards away in the barn foundation.  When we teasingly suggested that the shot had some luck involved, he said nothing for about five minutes until another groundhog wandered into view near the first, then dropped him with one shot, too.

He just smiled and we didn’t have a lot to say.

The workmen who restored our cabin also built several stone walls for us.  They suggested using the stones from the foundation of the barn that had long since been taken down.  I suggested that I’d murder them if they did.

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